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Being the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s economy maintains annual stable GDP growth at around 3%, thanks to public investment and private consumption. The country’s smart economic policies and pro-investment climate made its economy progressing really well

The government recently rolled out the implementation of national reforms, dubbed “Thailand 4.0” which aims to modernize Thai economy. The reforms focus to create a smart and digital economy which includes smart electronics, next-generation automotive, robotics, biotechnology, biofuels, digital, medical equipment, healthcare and medical tourism. A number of infrastructure projects are being and have been executed to support the Thailand 4.0 reform, such as Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to become an industrial hub and high-speed railway to connect with Laos and China.

Market Research Thailand helps multinational companies to grow, expand and transform business in Thailand. The country implements pro-investment policies to encourage foreign direct investment. Foreign investments are allowed in all sectors except projects related to national security, agriculture and fisheries, and mass media.

Market Research Thailand is a growth strategy and innovation marketing consultancy focused on Thailand and the Asia region affiliated with Solidiance. We perform research to support the Asia market growth expansion strategies of our clients and provide them with the insights and roadmap to capture a profitable market share in the region. Many of our clients in the in industrial, technology, green tech, and healthcare sectors can be found among the Fortune Global 500.

For several years now we have offered services in Thailand that help our clients comprehend the market landscape, size the market, assess industries, identify and profile competitors, segment customers and distribution channels, analyze supply chains, locate production sites, determine investment feasibility, and find local suppliers. Our services put our clients on the path to growth and profitability in Thailand.

Market Research Thailand also helps clients to enter and win the Thai market which sees a more dynamic private sector. We get our hands dirty to address any of unfavorable business obstacles in Thailand.

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