Establish the right approach to win in health and pharmaceutical market in Thailand, one of the fast-growing markets in Southeast Asia.

Thailand Medical Market Research
Thailand Healthcare Consulting Company
Thai healthcare market is rapidly expanding. The aging population, which is projected to reach 17 million people by 2040, as well as the rising rates of non-communicable diseases are driving the demand for healthcare in Thailand. As part of Thailand 4.0 initiative, the government is also aiming to make the country as a leading destination for a world-class provider of medical care.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow to US$ 9.47 billion by 2020. It is also rising to become a more attractive partner for multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for Asian partners.

Our team at Market Research Thailand offers advisory services in Thailand healthcare market across many areas such as healthcare digitization, hospital IT system, patient monitoring intelligence, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and insurance, and many more. We will explore the right strategic plans to secure top-line growth and win the competition in the local Thai market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Thailand Marker Intelligence

Clients will be provided evidence-based insights from our practical experiences. They will be guided to foresee the shift of market demands and emerging competitive challenges through our Thailand marketplace insights.

Thailand Market Entry

To reduce financial ambiguity for our clients, we weigh several considerable options and provide mapping of competitors, channels, customers, partners, suppliers, and other relevant market data.

Thailand Competitive Intelligence

We learn from best practices to provide comprehensive analysis on market competition and escape from costly omissions. We will provide clients with strategic advantage by identifying blind spots and unaddressed opportunities in the market.

Thailand Customer Intelligence

Through analyzing buyers' persona, we will give informations regarding customers' behavior, demographic and buying trends to give essential input in the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Automotive Glass Competitive Analysis in Thailand

Creating competitor benchmarking with main OEM carmakers for a leading global manufacturer of automotive glass.


Our Success Stories

Automotive Coating Market Opportunity Analysis and Growth Strategy

Providing market opportunity analysis and growth strategy for a chemical MNC in Thailand. This study gave our client very detailed information on the refinish coating market in Thailand.



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thailand 4.0 the eec development plan
Thailand 4.0: The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan

In this rapidly changing business world, industries as well as organisations are transforming their processes and operations by embracing industry 4.0.

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Thailand’s construction to rebound after 2015 slowdown

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