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Consultants with strong presence and understanding in Thailand market

About Us - marketresearchthailand.com
About Us - marketresearchthailand.com

Market Research Thailand is an Asia-focused B2B strategic marketing consulting firm endorsed by Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies to provide advisory services in various industries across Thailand and Asia region.

Presented by YCP Solidiance, our team at Market Research Thailand advises large companies and government agencies in Thailand and Asia. We hold a wide range of experiences in varied industries, including, but not limited to, manufacturing healthcare, agricultural, automotive, construction, as well as food & beverages in Thailand. Multinational clients recognize our deep knowledge of the Thailand market and the findings provided based on our practical approach.

We will give thorough market understanding to our clients, aiming to help them achieve constant and valuable growth in Thailand. Clients will be given unique recommendations that are founded from an intensive analysis of theThai marketplace.

Our team at Market Research Thailand is consisted of seasoned local and international consultants of YCP Solidiance equipped with deep experience in Thailand and the Asia region. Our culturally savvy, precise, and well-versed consultants will give comprehensive analysis on gathered market facts from customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, partners, government officials, as well as industry associations.

We keep our analysis transparent and unbiased to satisfy the needs of our clients. As a result, we record a high client repeat rate that is over 90%, far above the industry average.

How We Work

Thailand market research, customized for your need

Our project execution is based on an understanding that every clients’ needs and capabilities are specified and cannot be generalized through one reusable template. We create custom solutions for every case as opposed to implementing the previously used strategies and insights intended for other clients, nor using any general framework or strategy template. We cautiously work with a specialized Thailand approach to address each clients’ condition within a certain circumstances.

Thailand commercial insights and actionable market intelligence, not market data

Market Research Thailand is comprised of a team of full-time professional management consultants who are geared with proven track records and credentials to gather factual insights, provide dependable business analysis and growth strategies through primary research and executive/government-level interviews. Our market research is blended with the necessary intelligence to gain clients’ confidence in capitalizing on the market opportunities in Thailand.

Renowned and evident skillls, seasoned with Thailand flavor

Achieving the highest professional standards we have set for our team is attained by employing professionals with specific language skills, industry knowledge, and cultural understanding in the Thailand market. We take pride in this approach and not outsource our work from other parties for we do every project in-house. We also adhere to a set of strict regulations for NDA and legal agreements set by our headquarters in Singapore.

Our Team

  • Mickael Feige

    Mickael Feige is a YCP Solidiance Partner based in our Thailand office. He manages large projects for Fortune 500 in various sectors such as automotive, chemicals, construction, energy, heavy industries, and healthcare. His expertise lies mostly in market entry, growth strategy, industry and competitive benchmarking, and commercial problems diagnostics. Mickael speaks French and conversational Japanese.

  • Gary Murakami

    Based in Southeast Asia for more than 8 years, Gary Murakami is responsible for consulting services for multinational clients based in the region. At Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia, Gary has engaged in strategy and operations consulting projects such as market entry strategy formulation, organization optimization, business/product planning, supplier / M&A target selection, market forecast, and industry benchmarking in 10+ countries. Gary joined YCP Group in 2017 after Merrill Lynch and Deloitte Consulting.

  • Yanika Assavaboonsathien

    Yanika is a Director based in our bangkok office. She holds extensive experience in developing market analysis, identifying market opportunities for clients, formulating growth and market entry strategies, as well as developing financial models and project feasibility in Thai market. Prior to working with YCP Solidiance, she worked as a senior analyst in a consulting firm based in Thailand, specializing in strategic planning and customer research. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from Assumption University.

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